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Salts Massage

Body Scrubs & Wraps

Detoxify your skin and pores with one of our amazing scrubs or wraps.

Mud Spa

Earth & Sea Mud Wrap

Enjoy a refreshing and detoxifying experience with our Earth & Sea Mud from the Dead Sea. This treatment is filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will leave your skin rejuvenated, renewed, and revitalized. 


                     *Includes lotion application*

$75.00 for 45 Minute Service

Rosemary Mint Salt Scrub

Indulge in a refreshing and invigorating Rosemary Mint Salt Scrub. Body scrubs are a mechanical exfoliant that can be used to slough away the buildup of dead skin cells. This scrub is filled with essential oils that hydrate and moisturize your skin, to have you feeling supple and smooth.

                        *Includes Lotion Application*

$75.00 for 45 Minute Service

Massage Salts

Papaya Enzyme Body Polish

Refresh your delicate skin.  The special Linked Papain enzyme incorporated in this formula exfoliates and digests dead skin cells that can clog pores.  The cleansing ingredients are extremely mild and will suit all skin types.

                      *Includes Lotion Application*

$75.00 for 45 Minute Service

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