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Hair Removal

Got Hair?

Originating in Ancient Egypt. The removal of hair, is an age-old-practice, of depilation to remove the entire hair from your follicles.

Here at Omega, you get to choose, how much or how little hair to removal, with little discomfort! Through our waxing services, we treat and prep your skin for waxing services, and take our time too ensure your complete satisfaction.

When you leave here, you will leave completely satisfied with smooth, and soft skin!
hot wax in white bowl for Hair removal.jpg

Waxing Services

Eyebrows - $10.00

Lip- $10.00

Chin - $10.00

Face - $50.00

Underarms - $25.00

Arms (Half) - $30.00 

Arms (Full) - $40.00 

Legs (Half) - $40.00

Legs (Full) - $70.00

Back - $50.00 

Stomach - $30.00

Chest - $30.00

Bikini- $45.00

Brazilian - $75.00

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